Sample Survey Reports

Click on the links below to view Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys' sample survey reports. Our marine surveys and the resulting report are tailored to the needs and concerns of the client. The depth and breadth of each survey report may vary and depends on various factors such as the age of the vessel, her size, number & complexity of systems on board and the level of sailing experience or technical knowledge of the client. Note that the name of the vessel, the name & details of the client and the vessel's registration numbers have been changed in each example report in order to maintain the confidentiality of the client and vessel. If you would like to see a sample marine survey report of an Insurance Survey or Pre-purchase Survey of a specific boat that is not listed here, contact us and we'll check as to whether this type of vessel has already been surveyed by Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys.

The resolution of the images in some reports has been reduced in order to create an acceptable file size for this website.

Sample Survey Reports - Motor Yachts & RIBs

Saga 29 Hard Top, Pre-purchase Survey (single engine motor cruiser)

Regal Commodore 272, Pre-purchase Survey

Steel Motor Cruiser, Pre-purchase Survey

Carson_750_RIB, Pre-purchase Survey, in-water only

Sample Survey Reports - Monohull Sailing Yachts

Moody 29, Pre-purchase Survey

Moody 35, Pre-purchase Survey

Sigma 362, Insurance Survey

Southerly 100, Pre-purchase Survey

Beneteau 435E, Pre-purchase Survey

Hallberg_Rassy_42, Pre-purchase Survey

Westerly_Longbow, Insurance Survey

Ketch-rigged_Carvel_Hull, Insurance Survey

Surveys of Catamaran Sailing Yachts

Hirondelle_Mk II, Insurance Survey

Fountaine Pajot Maldives 32 Catamaran

Sample Survey Reports of Damage Surveys

Keel Damage Report for 42' GRP sailing yacht

Fairline 41, Damage Report

Sinking of steel narrow boat

The Pre-purchase and Insurance Survey reports are typically made up of six sections:

Section 1 - Introduction.

This section is less than a page long and briefly describes the purpose of the survey, who it was written for and the vessel location.

Section 2 - Summary.

The survey recommendations are brought together and summarised in this section. These recommendations are also included within sections 5 and 6, which form the bulk of the report.

Section 3 - Scope & Limitations.

This is a one-page section, outlining the scope of the report and also giving details of areas of the boat that couldn't be accessed for inspection, due to fixed panels, fuel tanks etc getting in the way.

Section 4 - Vessel Details.

A one or two page summary of the vessels identification numbers, principal dimensions and details of any documents inspected. If any Bills of Sale, Builder's certificate, VAT certificate and Registration documents are seen, they may be detailed in this section.

Section 5 - The Survey.

This section is often between 16 and 20 pages long and describes the majority of the findings of the survey. The recommendations appear within the text of this section but are also repeated in the Summary.

Section 6 - Safety Equipment.

Similar to Section 5, but dealing only with the inspection of safety equipment.

Sample Survey Reports can be found on this page

The Pre-purchase Survey of this Moody 35 included an inspection of the mast