Types of Marine Survey

If required and if safe to perform, most types of marine survey can include a rigging inspection

This page provides a summary of the types of Marine Survey that Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys can offer. As well as the standard types of survey, we can tailor the scope of the survey and the report to suit your requirements. As an example, you may not be interested in the condition of the navigation instruments as you may be intending to replace them before launch, therefore the survey scope can omit these. If required, the survey investigation can pay particular attention to the condition of the hull & deck mouldings, or to the condition of specific systems, such as the bilge pumps.

Of the types of Marine Survey that we offer, the Pre-purchase and Condition Survey, sometimes referred to as a Pre-purchase Survey, is by far the most common survey. In most cases, it is the most detailed and in-depth survey, where the Customer is often a first-time buyer with little or no previous knowledge in this field and has total reliance on the Marine Surveyor's expertise.

A Boat Insurance Survey is required when an insurance company requests a Marine Survey from an owner prior to accepting a particular yacht for insurance. Our reports are accepted by all of the marine insurance underwriters.

A Valuation Survey is a formal independent market valuation statement. It involves a summary inspection of the vessel. Valuations are often requested by the Client to obtain insurance and/or finance or required by solicitors or financial institutions with regard to probate or other matters.

Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys carry out Damage Surveys and Accident Investigations for Insurance Companies, Underwriters, Boat Owners, Maritime Lawyers, Boatyards, Repair Contractors, Port Authorities and Finance Houses. Vessel damage caused by fire, collision, grounding, heavy weather, water ingress or equipment failure usually requires an urgent response, in order to prevent further damage or loss.

Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys is authorised by the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (on behalf of the IIMS) to undertake Tonnage Surveys on vessels of up to 24 metres length for British Registration. Tonnage Surveys are required if a boat is to be registered under Part 1 of the British Registry of Shipping.

If you require a General Condition Survey, this is generally similar in scope and detail to the Pre-Purchase Survey, but can be further tailored to suit your requirements.

If the above types of Marine Survey do not meet your exact requirements, contact us today to discuss the scope of the survey that best meets your needs.

Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys & Consulting Ltd carry full Professional Indemnity insurance and Public Liability Insurance and our business is governed by the Code of Conduct and the Small Craft Code of Practice of the International Institute of Marine Surveying.