Sailing Yachts

Examples of surveys of sailing yachts that Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys have undertaken are shown on this page. Click here for links to a few sample reports. These reports will give you a good idea of what to expect from a typical pre-purchase or insurance survey. Of course, the scope of the survey and the content of the reports can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Moody 35 at Chichester Marina

Pre-purchase Survey of 1995 Moody 35 at Chichester Marina

If we are asked to survey a sailing yacht and the craft is afloat, we will be happy to climb the mast to perform a thorough visual inspection of the mast and fittings. In order to do this safely, we ask that a competent individual is on-hand to hoist our surveyor up the mast. The mast inspection will be performed at no extra charge. The mast climb is dependent on the availability of two rope halyards, one of which will be used as a back-up line, should the primary halyard break or become jammed.

Colvic Victor 34 Hull Survey at Dell Quay

Colvic Victor 34 Hull Survey at Dell Quay

Insurance survey of Colvic Countess, Itchenor, Chichester

Insurance survey of a 1988 Colvic Countess at Itchenor, Chichester. The underwater parts of the boat were surveyed between tides

If the sailing yacht is fitted with bilge keels, we are quite happy to perform the out-of-water part of the inspection whilst the vessel is dried out on a slipway or on a shingle foreshore. Suitable locations along the South Coast of England include the public slipway at Itchenor, Chichester. The concrete slipway at Hill Head Sailing Club, Fareham is also suitable, but due to limited access, would only be suitable for very small yachts.

Falmouth Pilot 9 ton at Birdham Pool

Falmouth Pilot 9 ton at Birdham Pool

As with all types of marine survey, whether sailing yachts, motor yachts or houseboats, it is usual for the Owner or Buyer to arrange and pay for the lift-out fees. In most cases, a power-wash of the hull should also be booked, in order to clean the hull and submerged equipment. This will enable the marine surveyor to perform the best possible inspection of the exposed surfaces.

If you would like to see more examples of surveys of sailing yachts by Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys, please contact us with your specific requirements.