Pre-purchase Survey of Hallberg Rassy 49

Introduction to the Hallberg Rassy 49, designed by Enderlein & Rassy

This cutter rigged Hallberg Rassy 49 was designed by Olle Enderlein & Christoph Rassy and built in 1989. A superb boat for long distance cruising, with lots of stowage space and long range capability. The classic flush teak-laid deck is uncluttered and the stow away cutter stay is ideal for short handed sailing. This particular vessel had a four cabin interior which makes it popular for charter or family cruising.
Hallberg Rassy 49

Hallberg Rassy 49 in Holland

The pre-purchase survey of this boat took place over a period of two and a half days. The sea trial  allowed a more thorough check of the engine & drivetrain than if the engine was simply run whilst ashore. Following the sea trial, a sample of engine oil was taken and sent away for chemical analysis.

A vessel of this size and complexity often has quite a number of skin fittings (through-hull fittings). This particular boat had over 30, many of which were located below the waterline. Some of these were fitted with old, unreinforced hoses and many valves were corroded or very stiff. Recommendations for the replacement of these were made in the report.

Climbing the mast of a Hallberg Rassy

Hallberg Rassy 49 mast climb

Mast climb of Hallberg Rassy 49

The very last task of the survey was to climb the rigging. Although there was ice on the mast, making my hands sore & numb, I was able to identify a number of fine cracks on the stainless steel hardware that secured the cap shrouds to the mast head. Whether the new owner wished to take her ocean cruising or simply use her for weekend cruising, he was glad to know that these defects had ben found in good time and could be repaired before a more costly and dangerous failure occurred.
Hallberg Rassy 49, cracks in mast hardware

Hallberg Rassy 49, cracks in cap shroud tangs

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