Damage survey

Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys carry out Damage Surveys and Accident Investigations for Insurance Companies, Underwriters, Boat Owners, Maritime Lawyers, Boatyards, Repair Contractors, Port Authorities and Finance Houses. We have the knowledge, experience and expertise to inspect and assess the nature, extent and cause of the damage to the vessel or equipment.

Bent propeller

Damaged propeller of 65' motor yacht after running aground

Vessel damage caused by fire, collision, grounding, heavy weather, water ingress or equipment failure usually requires an urgent response, in order to prevent further damage or loss. The Insured also expects an efficient and timely response to their claim. For this reason, Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys normally carry out the Damage Survey within 24 to 48 hours of the Client's instruction.

Fire damage of RIB

Investigation of fire that lead to the destruction of two vessels and to the damage of a third vessel and a pontoon

Destroyed gearbox after grounding

During the grounding of this motor yacht, the port propeller struck the sand, leading to the destruction of the gearbox

Depending on your requirements, the report will provide a detailed assessment of the damage caused and recommendations for repair or replacement. If required, specifications for the repairs and the supervision of the repair work can also be provided.

Damage to hull, deck and sponson of GRP RIB after side impact from sailing dinghy

Damage to hull, deck and sponson of GRP RIB after side impact from sailing dinghy

We are able to perform Damage Surveys at short notice throughout the UK and Europe. Please email or telephone Fieldhouse Yacht Surveys to discuss your requirements.

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Click here for a sample of a typical Damage Survey report. This example is of a motor cruiser that has suffered damage from a leaking solenoid valve in the vessel's fresh water system.

Damage of timber workboat

This timber workboat, with GRP sheathed clinker-built hull, was damaged during heavy weather, whilst moored on her pontoon. There was considerable rot of the hull planks, frames and coaming.

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